Summons and Complaint Introduction

Summons & Complaint Introduction

What is it?

Summons – is a notification that one is being sued and officially begins a lawsuit. There will be important information listed here such as the contact attorney/person during the lawsuit and how much time you have to respond to the complaint.

Complaint – contains the cause of action. In others words, the legal reasons and/or facts why the person believes they have a right to sue.

What to do after being served?

First, take a deep breath and pray to God in Jesus name to give you peace, comfort, joy, wisdom and strategy to defeat the lawsuit. Second, read the entire Summons and Complaint. Third, re-read the entire Summons and Complaint.

The first time you read it there will be a ton of information that you will begin mentally processing. You really should read it at least 4-6 times because the next step is how to respond. Strategy is necessary and the best way to develop it is to truly understand what is being claimed in the Complaint.

Do not procrastinate on your response. If you do not respond you may lose by automatic default. If you take too long to respond and miss the deadline you may also lose by automatic default. Under some circumstances a court may allow a late response.

If you need more time to respond you can request an extension but you need to do so within the specified response time listed in the Summons.

In what ways may I respond?

  1. Serve and File an Answer
  2. Serve and File a Motion to Dismiss

Next article recommended is Should I file an Answer or a Motion to Dismiss?

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. I do not offer legal advice. If you are seeking legal advice please consult an experienced and competent attorney.

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